Pedicure, manicure, wellness and more

Well-groomed hands with beautiful fingernails are a figurehead

For confident women and men,
a business card

The hands are exposed to stress every day. Rough hands, dry and cracked cuticles and premature wrinkles are often the result. Close-up hands require intensive care, as they have hardly any subcutaneous fat and little sebaceous glands.

Because you don’t have to be able to read the age on your hands …..

The goal is immediate visible smoothing by adding cushioning moisture and lipids to maintain youthfulness and skin elasticity.


• Manicure, including nourishing hand cream (without varnish)
• Manicure, including nourishing hand cream (with varnish)
• Hand peeling and hand mask
• BEAUTE des Mains – Fantastically tender hands
Pampering treatment: approx. 45 min.
Including hand bath, peeling, massage, hand mask & paraffin bath