Henna Eyebrows

The natural alternative

Perfect eyebrows without pain

Vegan eyebrow coloring with a tattoo effect! Also suitable for pregnant women and allergy sufferers!

The new brow henna coloring of the bb browbars colors the eyebrow hairs for up to 6 weeks. As an additional candy, the skin is also colored, which creates a great and full look, especially in the first few days. Depending on the skin type and care, the tattoo effect on the skin can last for 1-2 weeks, sometimes even 3 weeks, but in any case your eyebrow hairs are strongly colored and naturally cared for, which gives a strengthened and full-looking look, especially for gaps or narrow eyebrows generated. We definitely see henna as an alternative to microblading and recommend regular use because the eyebrows are nourished and strengthened by natural substances. With every treatment, the hairs become healthier, firmer and more shiny, as this coloring, which consists of 100% vegetable henna, nourishes the hairs and does not strain them.
It gives your eye area dynamism and your face a fitting expressive frame.


We ask you to bring at least 30 minutes with you, or rather 45 minutes together with styling, as henna is applied in several layers after a detailed measurement. The pure dyeing costs € 25, – due to the complexity and duration of the application.

The advantages of the treatment at a glance:

• Permanent coloring and correction of the eyebrows up to 6 weeks
• A nourishing and strengthening effect on the eyebrows
• There is no damage to the skin or skin structure
• A painless and natural procedure that is also suitable for allergy sufferers, pregnant women and nursing mothers
• 100% natural