Eyelash extensions

The perfect look for several thousand years

Eyelash extensions

Long eyelashes were already a beauty feature of every woman in ancient times and later in early Rome.

Shining eyes, a mysterious look, seductive eyelashes and a completely new look. Our eyelashes are an important element of the face and thus the overall appearance. We want you all, voluminous, long beautiful eyelashes.

Such an eyelash result does not get mascara better, even if you apply it with a lot of love.

With the eyelash extension – wow effect.

As a certified eyelash stylist, I work with the latest Japanese technologies. I would like to ask for individual, 2D and 3D volume extensions

I only use high quality, anti-allergic products.

With the right care, and thanks to innovative extension and thickening methods.

Before the treatment, you define your wishes in a consultation with your personal lash stylist.

For the longevity of your new looks, you will receive home care tips as part of the treatment.

Lash extensions eyelash applications offer:

• Natural looking eyelashes
• High wearing comfort
• Powerful & dermatologically tested adhesives
• Different eyelash colors for everyone
• Don’t stand in front of the mirror in the morning
• Definitely save a few minutes
• Make up the mascara
• Water resistant

Get to know Lash Extensions from me as a multi-certified Eylelash Expert, you will be amazed!

The happy and bright eyes of my customers and my motivated students are the highest praise for my commitment.