BB Glow

What is

BB Glow?

BB Glow treatment which is a Korean development. Whitening and rejuvenation of the facial skin, which gives it a gentle shine. Safe treatment with a wow effect.

The treatment combines effective meso active ingredients with natural pigments for an even complexion with a lasting effect.
Thanks to the light pigment content, there is an effective and immediate improvement in the complexion.
Radiant, even and with a silky porcelain glow. What has made Korean women beautiful, Hollywood and Moscow, is now also here in Europe.
The treatment is harmless, gentle and painless and is suitable even for sensitive skin types.
You can already see a difference after the first treatment, the full effect is visible after about 4-5 days.
The following skin conditions and problems can be improved:

• Dark circles, shadows under the eyes
• Freckles
• Hyperpigmentation
• Discolored skin around the eyes
• Enlarged pores
• Scar
• loss of elasticity
• Lines, folds
• Tired, pale skin
• Dull, dry skin
• Troubled skin, redness, couperose.

Lightening pigment spots

Lightening of the dark circles around the eyes – Pore reduction For a long-lasting result, we recommend 3-5 treatments in a row.